Patient Engagement  

Patients must be engaged and activated to participate in their own care in order for clinical services at the treatment facilities to be truly effective.

Our services range from Assessing patient activation levels, patient outreach – appointments, education, case management/utilization management (that facilitates recommended treatment plans to assure the appropriate medical care is provided) each on their own are key patient engagement strategies.

In DoD, When a service member develops a medical condition and is referred to the Integrated Disability Evaluation System, they are appointed a PEBLO (Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer) to assist them throughout the process.

The PEBLO is the main point of contact between the service member, the family, the chain of command, the VA, and the PEB throughout the DoD Disability Process.

MindLeaf provides the services of PEBLO (And the processes) to compile all the information from the service member, their physicians, their commander, and any other source that is necessary to properly assign Military Disability Ratings to each of their medical conditions that qualify for Military Disability. These services are key part of Patient Engagement.

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